Voice Copilot

by Cromulent Labs

Drive Safely

  • Get directions to locations safely by using the app entirely hands-free.
  • Ability to add a stop along your route.
  • Entire app can be navigated and manipulated using just your voice.
  • Launches directions using your favorite app: Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps.

Have you needed directions somewhere while you are already driving, but you know that using your iPhone while driving isn't safe? You could pull over your car, open up your favorite mapping app, start directions, and then get back on the road. Or you could save time by using Voice Copilot and safely getting directions while driving.

Voice Copilot is an app that can be used entirely with your voice to find directions to any location. It is very powerful, yet incredibly simple to use. You can search for a location and Voice Copilot will list the possible matches to you out loud and allow you to choose the one you want with your voice. You can even add a stop along the way. It will then launch your favorite mapping app with driving directions to your destination without you needing to touch or look at your phone at all.

Drive safely with Voice Copilot.

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